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Rumor: iPad mini will be discontinued by Apple

When the iPad mini was released, a 7.9 inch tablet made a lot of sense. Today? Well, maybe not so much.

That's because we currently have a 5.5 ? iPhone on the market and a 9.7 ? iPad that is increasingly thin and light, something that in 2012, when the mini was launched, did not exist. But it doesn't stop there. Rumors of the account that we will see, this year, the arrival of an iPhone of 5.8 ? with very reasonable dimensions, in addition to an iPad with a screen of 10.5 ? in a body of 9.7 ?. With all this in mind and always remembering that the tablet market is no longer all that, is there still space for the iPad mini?

iPad mini 4

According to sources BGR, at the. According to the website, internal cannibalization with increasingly weak sales of the device leaves no doubt that at the we will see an "iPad mini 5" coming by. It is not known, however, until when the iPad mini 4 becomes available on the market, that is, when Apple will actually declare the death of its 7.9 ?tablet.

For those who love the iPad mini and were upset by the news, there is a hint of hope despite the fact that one self doesn't put much faith in it. Rumors in the past indicated, yes, the arrival of a new model of iPad mini in 2017. All that remains is to stay in the crowd.

iPad mini 4

iPad mini 4

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Price view: from R $ 2,699.10Installed price: in at 12x R $ 249,92Colors: space gray, silver or goldCapabilities: 128 GBRelease: September 2015

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