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Rumor: Apple would be developing native apps / video features for iOS à la Snapchat

As we all know, iOS 10 will arrive soon with several new features in the native Messages app including animations, effects, stickers and others. Apple clearly targeted the young audience in the update, accustomed to communicating via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc.

But she does not intend to stop there, according to Bloomberg. Internally, Apple has been working on even more native iOS video apps / features that follow the Snapchat style including quick one-hand capture and super-practical editing for publishing in less than a minute.

Part of the effort is being led by Joe Weil, who has worked on developing the KnowMe app and has been with Apple since December last year. The project would be within the same department as the company responsible for Final Cut Pro and iMovie software.

Apple is not a company with a very good social history, like Ping. Therefore, it is possible that these plans will all be changed, postponed or even canceled from here to 2017 when for the time being the company intends to launch them to the general public. We'll see.