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Rumor: Apple will present Siri speaker and 10.5 ″ iPad at WWDC 2017

THE Worldwide Developers Conference it is not usually the stage for the presentation / introduction of new Apple products. Yes, the company has already used the event for this, but currently there are so many operating systems and software that it is complicated to dedicate 100% of the time of an event focused on development for them. Still, there are those who bet on the idea of ??seeing new products arriving next month, at the opening keynote of WWDC'17. And one of those people the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities), one of the few relevant in the Apple world.

Kuo had already made it clear that such a device from Siri could be presented to the world at the event; now he gave a little more information about the device, saying that the product will be demonstrated together with details of software development for the home (based on artificial intelligence). Furthermore, this device have a touch sensitive panel (interpret it in the way that is most convenient for you: a screen or a touch display to control some functions). To settle the ?Siri speaker? issue, Kuo believes that the product has a 50% chance of being presented during WWDC.

10.5 iPad MockupMockup 10.5 ? iPad

What you probably didn't expect is what the analyst believes has a ?70% chance? of being presented at the event to meet the new 10.5 ? iPad with a borderless screen.

I say that because, at least in my opinion, Apple would hardly launch this iPad before the iPhone, so as not to spoil the surprise of seeing a smartphone with a completely borderless screen in September as we know, the flagship iPhone of Ma and it would be strange to see news so relevant, getting to the iPad first. But, if Kuo is saying (and has a great history in his favor), our role, at the very least, is to consider the scenario.

Kuo believes in the launch of the 10.5 ? iPad now because, according to his sources, the mass production of the tablet will start at the end of the second quarter, perfectly matching WWDC. In addition, they are already starting to pop up due to Under Armor's case information created specifically for that tablet (which will be released in June), which could also be an indication that it is about to be launched.

So, if the analyst is right, get ready: iOS 11, macOS 10.13, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11, in addition to the 10.5 ? iPad and Siri's speaker. There is time to present all of this!

(via 9to5Mac)