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Retrospective: video shows the progress of the Apple Park works over a year

It's been a while since the YouTuber Matthew Roberts publishes on its channel, month by month, videos flying over the works of Apple Park with your drone. This time, he gathered images from the last 12 months in order to create a retrospective video, to accompany the work since June 2016 up to the last images captured in May 2017.

On the video, we can see the progress hand in hand separated by the Apple Park areas. First, we can see the passing of the months focused on the ?spaceship?, showing the progress of the installation of solar panels, the landscape and more. Then we see the evolution of the Steve Jobs Theater, the main tunnel for underground access, the research and development buildings, the center fitness, parking and courtyard. And, for some reason, even the mountain of dirt that appeared at the beginning of the works appears in retrospect on the video. ?

Despite being a gigantic construction, in the period of one year it has advanced a lot. Some employees have already started to occupy the campus, although the ?finishing touches? need to be done mainly in the landscape around Apple Park. As it is almost the middle of the year, it is likely that the complete work should be completed only at the end of 2017.

[via MacRumors]