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Responsible for the manufacture of iProducts records serious loss, while component producers celebrate

Despite the success of Apple in all the segments in which it operates, its main partner in the production of iProducts, Foxconn, recorded a loss of almost US $ 220 million in 2010, much greater than the amount predicted by the financial market. In 2009, the company closed its balance sheet with a profit of US $ 38.6 million.

Foxconn unit in Taiwan

The causes that led to this huge loss are related to the expansion of the company, which last year started a plan to hire 400,000 (!) New employees by August 2011 and build additional factories. In the midst of this, the scandals generated by the working conditions of its employees and the various cases of suicide also contributed to the increase in spending, especially with compensation and increases in wages.

While Apple's computer and gadget maker suffers from its latest financial results, the smaller companies that produce the components it uses have plenty of reasons to celebrate. AWintek, which makes multi-touch screens for Ma, has already registered a 40% growth in sales between February and March, thanks mainly to the iPad 2.