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Resident Evil 3 Remake: check everything we know so far about the game

The new remake of the Resident Evil series promises to bring many new features

It seems that Capcom has really thrown in the wave of the company's classic game remakes, right? And, surely there would be no better choice of franchise than resident Evil. The remake of the second game in the series, released in 2019, was a success in sales and criticism and showed that, with the correct adjustments and improvements, the game remains as good as it was at the time of its release (in addition to continuing as scary as, too).

Now the ball (or virus) is Resident Evil 3. The game, original from 1999, will be released in a completely remastered version for PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox one in April 3 and, in this article, you will check everything we know about the game so far and get ready to meet Nemesis again!

History and environments

Just like in the original game, the protagonist of Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine. We will still have the main plot revolving around her struggle to escape from Raccoon City, now infested with zombies. To make matters worse: the game's bio-weapon and biggest villain, Nemesis, is chasing our hero.

Character Jill ValentineJill Valentine is more beautiful and dangerous than ever!

Players will venture into a city taken over by T-virus, the biological agent developed by Umbrella Corporation that ends up turning people into zombies. In terms of chronology, the game takes place before the events of Resident Evil 2. Nevertheless, when the player reaches the end of the game, the plot already goes beyond the closing of the last game.

In addition to the evident improvements in graphics and gameplay when comparing this remake with the original, the new model by Jill Valentine is incredible. The character has a more realistic appearance and less of a computer graphics model.

In addition, even the character's clothes have been updated, to bring a touch of modernity and more veracity to the story of the game. You could even say that Jill emanates air from a Lara Croft of 2013.

Nemesis character in Resident Evil 3 RemakeReady to take on Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

The problem is that the player will not be able to enjoy this new look of the game and its characters for a long time because, for much of the adventure, he will be concerned with running away from Nemesis. The villain looks scarier than ever!

Worst of all, according to the latest information, he will even be able to break into safe rooms (the only hiding places in the game that the player could have some peace and tranquility to heal and organize his inventory).


So far, two trailers of Resident Evil 3 Remake. The first trailer announced the title later this year, taking the community of players and media experts by surprise!

In the second trailer, Capcom showed off a little bit of Nemesis and how the villain will be a nightmare in the lives of players:

New in Gameplay

In an intro video for the game, the producer Masachika Kawata explained a little how the remake compares to the original compared to gameplay terms:

?If you compare Resident Evil 3 to the second game, it tends to be much more of an action-packed experience. So we redid everything based on this premise ?

Just like the original game, we can expect the remake to be much more focused on action and adrenaline than Resident Evil 2 Remake. Certainly the game will have its dose of horror and suspended, hallmarks of the series, but the remake will be a game of action, above all.

During a Capcom live, which showed a little of the gameplay of Resident Evil 3 Remake, players were able to see some news in the gameplay of the game. Among them are the new ability to dodge zombies that try to grab you and also the advantage of your combat knife not having more durability, that is, you can always use it when you're in trouble.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo

Capcom has already revealed on its Twitter that a demo of the game will be offered to players, but has not yet confirmed when it will be available. As the game will be released in April, we can imagine that by the end of March the demo will be accessible on PCs and consoles.

Resident Evil Resistance

One of the great features of the remake is that the whole copy of the game comes with Resident Evil Resistance, a competitive survival horror game. The game is very similar to other titles of the same style, such as Dead by Daylight. In Resistance, four players must fight another player who acts as a great villain who can fly over the map and place traps and enemies to hinder the mission of the players.

The game demo that Capcom has previously presented did not attract the attention of many players, but perhaps its release with Resident Evil 3 Remake could win more users.

Resident Evil Resistance game charactersResident Evil Resistance is a multiplayer experience that comes with RE3 Remake