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Record auction with Apple CEO on new company campus breaks record and raises $ 689,000

At the beginning of the month we announced that Tim Cook was participating, for the fifth time, in a charity auction for the benefit of the organization Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, which aims to ?make the world a more just and peaceful place through partnerships with human rights leaders, teaching social justice and promoting corporate responsibility?. And it was a good thing, you see!

So far, the record set by the Apple CEO was $ 610,000; this time, however, he got the amount of $ 689k most likely driven by the fact that lunch with the Apple executive this year is already at Apple Park.

Site with the last bid at the lunch auction with Tim Cook at Apple ParkVia @setteBIT

Altogether, there were more than 30 people bidding to have the chance to sit for about 1 hour with the CEO of the most valuable company in the world and discuss a little bit of everything. The winner, moreover, can take an accompanying person; the lunch itself (which should happen at Caff Macs on the new campus) is already part of the package, however travel costs and possible accommodation, no. Unlike other auctions made by Cook, in this one the winner won no ticket to participate in an Apple event (such as WWDC).

Not bad, right? But the question that remains: is the winner of the auction able to take home a pizza inside the famous special box developed and patented by Apple? ?

via MacRumors