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Recent updates on the App Store: Google Photos, Hangouts, Chrome, Polymail and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Google Photos app icon

Improve your Live Photos with the stabilization of Motion Stills, choose a new thumbnail for the faces in People, sort photos in albums chronologically or by recently added photos, easier sharing with YouTube and performance improvements.

Hangouts app icon

Improved navigation in conversations, even going to the last message read.

Google Chrome app icon

New look for Chrome history is an easier way to review, locate and delete your browsing history. Voice Search has been updated with a new look to show that Google is working for you. Try asking contextual questions, such as "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?" and continue with "When was it built?" Listen to Google speak the answers for you.

Microsoft Outlook app icon

We brought event icons to the calendar. Some keywords are now associated with icons to bring your calendar display a little more personality. Try typing "coffee" or "lunch" the next time you create an event and see what happens. We find the icons very useful when you want to check your day's activities quickly and see what's yet to come. In addition, they are fun. For now, we only have a limited number of cones, but we will add new ones in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out to see when they will be available. You can also check out the ?Suggest a Resource? section in the App Settings to send us your ideas for new icons.

PlayKids app icon - Series and Games

The world of PlayKids has been slightly modified: we have brought a more vibrant and colorful look, allowing children to find games and videos more easily. You will notice an animation with a few eyes on the app: this is an indication that we have new games or videos waiting for you! We present MANY performance improvements, using the app and browsing it. All animations are smoother! Several bugs have been fixed!

Nike Run Club app icon

The training programs from the previous version are now available in the app, notes are back (view and edit your running notes), the option to mix playlists is now more visible, additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

Polymail app icon

Open all unread messages and scroll to the first when there are multiple unread messages in a chain, default settings when adding an IMAP account and bug fixes.

Airmail app icon - Your Mail With You

Support for dynamic sources, smart notifications, notification reading synchronization, complication for watchOS 3, undo send and more.

Motion Stills - GIF, Collage app icon

Texts about clips, performance improvements and bug fixes. Travel Deals app icon

Now, we have a time machine! Ok, not quite. But you can go back to the incredible places you found last time. Go to ?Recently Viewed? in the menu and in a flash you will be transported back to the accommodations you viewed in the past. While our app is unable to transport you back to the past, we can take you to incredible places in the future. Travel at the speed of light with the number 1 accommodation app on the planet.

Pocket app icon

Fixed a bug with our Share extension when adding tags. Did you know that: You can tap the ?Tag? button after saving to add tags easily to the item you just saved! Now counting badges application appears more reliably on your home page. Activate it in Settings and see how many items are in your List. Pocket recommendations are getting better! Visit your Recommendations tab to discover some great and personalized content just for you. Bug fixes and additional improvements.

HERE WeGo app icon

We updated our offline maps, including improved public transport routes in San Francisco and renewed coverage in Rio de Janeiro.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch app icon

Capture perspective grids from photos: extract 3 point perspective grids from your photos and use the Touch Slide to draw straight lines or map shapes to the perspective planes.

Duet Display app icon

Performance improvements for Mac and Windows users.

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Added support for DJ controllers Reloop Mixon4 and Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4, in addition to improvements and fixes.

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Same as above, also including the option to choose the recording format between AAC (standard) or WAV.

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Same as above, in verse for iPhone.

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Added support for DJ controllers Reloop Mixon4, Mixtour, Beatpad2 and Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4, solves a problem in uploading to YouTube, in addition to improvements and fixes.

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Same as above, in verse for iPhone.

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New benchmarks and new interface. app icon

New look makes it easy to search and explore, also including bug fixes and additional enhancements.

Wire ? Secure Messenger app icon

Now you can ?enjoy? anything in chats, new translations, improvements and corrections.

Trello app icon

Added support for Single Sign On company.

PagSeguro Vendas app icon

From now on, your Mini and D200 readers accept new flags! Pass Elo, American Express, Hyper, Hipercard, Diners and Cabal on credit, via stripe. And continue with Visa, MasterCard and Banricompras in debit and credit, via chip.

Mercado Pago app icon

We gathered all the information from My Operations and Friends in the new seo Activity. Now you can see your account history in a more organized way. In addition, we made general improvements and corrected errors.

Bad Piggies app icon

A new shipment of parts has just arrived for you to have fun customizing your inventions! 15 brand new and extra shiny pieces now with 240 pieces in total. Need some more junkyard? You can now buy with coins. We fixed bugs and improved the game.

Bad Piggies HD app icon

Ditto the previous one, in verse for iPad.

Sorry, app not found.

More tournaments = more diverse! Players who move up the leaderboard will receive magnificent prizes! You can now use Tokens to get mazes! Complete mazes and get incredible rewards!


Sorry, app not found.

Open all unread messages and scroll to the first when there are multiple unread messages in a chain and bug fixes.

Amphetamine app icon

Set up an unlimited number of Triggers (each with its own set of conditions), expanded scheduling options, new icons and sounds, hide / show the icon in the Dock, among others.