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Recent updates on the App Store: Apple apps, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, iFood and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:

Apple Store app icon

General improvements.

TestFlight app icon

Fixed an issue when installing iMessage apps, improved error messages for iMessage app updates and fixed an issue that prevented users from canceling an incomplete installation.

Instagram app icon

Improvements to Instagram Stories! Capturing photos and videos in the dark has been enhanced. A low light button appears when the camera detects darkness. Many bug fixes and improvements to improve and streamline the creation of stories. In addition, a new zoom feature was implemented (this without the need to update the app).

Snapchat app icon

Improved subtitles! Select caption text to style in italics, bold or underline. Anime big captions about your snaps s press and hold to attach a large caption to a snap video. Touch your face once to wear lenses!

Messenger app icon

You can now add a video stream to a conversation.

IFood app icon - Order food and market

The restaurant filter has been reformulated (it is now even easier to find exactly what you are looking for). Several fixes and performance improvements, especially in iPad multitasking.

YouTube app icon

Now you mark that you are not interested in a particular video in the app's suggestions.

VSCO app icon: Photo and Video Editor

Access to advanced controls for both the rear and front camera, touch the hashtags and in the details of the images to search for similar content and touch an adjustment (preset) in the details of the image to see others that used the same adjustment.

Hipstamatic Classic app icon

The biggest update of the app in 2016 brought native support for iPads, new carousel interface in classic mode (on iPads), synchronization of presets iCloud favorites and much, much more!

Google Street View app icon

Now unpublished 360 photos will be grouped based on the place and time they were taken; automatic detection of faces that can be blurred in 360 photos; you can now share links on user profiles; many feature improvements and bug fixes.

Adobe Photoshop Fix app icon

The new controls allow for better modulation of the cheeks, chin and nose, and you have a better range of modulation for all other face point controls; the fix requires no more than 500MB of free space to run, so you can keep touching up photos even when your iPhone or iPad is running low; use 3D Touch shortcuts on the app icon to open the last project you worked on or to start a new one.

Adobe Photoshop Mix app icon - Cut, combine, create

Send a photo from Photoshop Mix to Photoshop Fix by tapping the ?More Editions? button on the main browser; use shortcuts like long press on the application icon to open the last composition you worked on or start a new one.

Snapseed app icon

New face tool (helps to focus on faces, smooth the skin and add clarity to the eyes); RAW for iOS (full RAW support, native and that doesn't destroy the original file for 144 camera models); light up shadows, recover lost highlights, add structure and details to the original RAW data, apply fine-tuning of white balance to native RAW data and more; set the preferred JPG compression rate or even save lossless (PNG) files when exporting; adjustments to the user interface and bug fixes.

Now, when changing the exposure in a RAW file in Snapseed, you will have an effect similar to adjusting the settings on the electronic components of a camera; this means that it is now possible to tamper with all dynamic range and high resolution data on the CCD or CMOS chip.

Evernote app icon

Improved note editing; copy and paste more easily; redesigned checkbox style; slide down to close the keyboard; tap the paperclip to launch the iOS Document Picker to add files from iCloud Drive or other storage apps installed on your device; annotation improvements, especially when using Apple Pencil; improvement in synchronization performance.

Feedly - Smart News Reader app icon

Introduction of the Knowledge Framework (Knowledge Board; the evolution of the concept of tags); a failure in sharing text from the selection menu has been fixed; improvements in the experience of discovering feeds; extensive share to save something in the Knowledge Board.

Sorry, app not found.

BBM Channel profile and membership UI simplified; navigation improvements in services on the Discover screen; video support; improvements when entering a number; general corrections.

Jetpack Joyride app icon

This is your last chance to go ?Back to the Future? before the event ends forever! We are promoting the events of the game again, starting with this classic time travel. Go back in time with the DeLorean Time Machine and the Flying Skateboard! Be sure to add Marty, Doctor and Biff to your collection. Fly to the sound of rock and roll with the 1985 Guitar propulsion jet!

App icon nausea: buy clothes and everything +

Now you can follow your favorite brands and searches and always know when a new item arrives; in addition, you have more options to share products.

Wikipedia app icon

Now you can search within the articles, new design that helps you read and explore on the iPad, improvements in fluidity for those who have large libraries of saved articles.

Sorry, app not found.

Manual content ordering (you can now change the order in which the videos and photos are displayed in your video clip); framing adjustments (did not like the result of automatic framing? No problem, now you can adjust manually); interface improvements.

WeChat app icon


in WeChat

Version 7.0.12 (315.3 MB) Requires iOS 10.0 or superior

Frequently used stickers are at the top of the selection screen.

Plants vs. app icon Zombies ? 2

Get ready for spring! From August 30 to September 27, enjoy Chicken Week, Football Week, small zombies and big prizes at Zumbinho Week, Out of the Vault Week (play with three plants premium Lana-seiva, Flores-corao and Dandelion), in addition to a new plant premium explosive (Bombarrom).

Sorry, app not found.

Open a box of luxury tools and win more parts, including rare and spiky ones; You can now buy coins in the store.

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And since we're talking about updates, Apple recently released the HP Printer Driver Update v5.0 for OS X (574.4MB), which installs the latest software for your HP printer or scanner.

To view all compatible models, visit this page.