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Patent: future iPhones and iPads will be able to capture photos, videos and fingerprints of thieves

This Thursday (8/25), the Apple filed a patent application that can make life for thieves more difficult and reassure that of users of iDevices.

Entitled ?Biometric capture for unauthorized user identification? (something like ?Biometric capture for identification of unauthorized user?), the patent describes a way to use Touch ID, the camera and other sensors of iPhones and iPads to collect information from users not registered on the device.

What we currently have is a simple inactivity of the system or removal of all data (depending on the configuration of the user) after 10 attempts on the numeric password. In the patent, several options were mentioned, including one of already saving biometric information and images of a user after an attempt. Another option would be to save ?intruder? data after a combination of factors and actions, which can be configured by internal security protocols or by the user himself.

Touch ID patentFlowcharts of various possible system implementations

The document mentions some situations in which this technology could be applied. For example, a user's smartphone can be stolen and the thief can try to use the device. Another example would be the attempt of a child to try to access the tablet without the user's permission.

In addition to storing biometric information, photos, audio and videos from the unauthorized user, other data could be collected such as date and time, device location, speed, air pressure and more. Then, the information could remain stored locally on the device or sent to a remote server for more extensive evaluation, where information from recognized users would be stored.

This move, however, may run counter to some privacy policies that Apple is so proud of, such as the choice to retain fingerprints on the device itself rather than on an online server. But, as several possibilities were presented in the document, we hope that new technologies will really come to benefit us.

It is important to remember that patent applications do not always come true. In any case, this is further proof of the effort that Apple has been making to bring more and more security to its users.

(via AppleInsider)