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Nike + Running becomes Nike + Run Club and has a new face, full of news

The readers of MacMagazine that accompany my articles must remember some related to health, such as when I used some applications to help me in the process of sending off almost 29kg. Long before writing this article, in 2015, I already used the Nike + Running app on iPods, iPhones and compatible devices to control my runs.

There are over 1,899 kilometers monitored with this application, which has always served to measure what I needed as an amateur runner that I am (average speed per kilometer, total journey, time, a pinch of gamefication to dispute with friends, etc.). However, it has been a long time since he received a significant update, which I found very strange.

I expected this when Apple Watch was launched, but time passed and Nike did not implement basic features like the possibility of visualizing heart rate; until then, the app had gained only basic functions to start and stop a workout by Ma's watch. And yet, everything was pretty bad (it crashed a lot and still had a huge dependence on the iPhone). Given that Tim Cook is a member of Nike's board of directors, this was all very strange. But let's get down to business!

Nike Run Club app icon

This week, it finally came out with that big major update that was missing. It was so big that it made the app change its name: the old Nike + Running became Nike + Run Club, bringing the following changes:

  • The training plan is now more personalized, according to your level. It adapts to your reality, that is, if you miss a day of training it reschedules itself. Anyone who takes the race a little bit more seriously, knows the importance of following a training plan. Not just putting on your sneakers and running, there are different types of training to improve more and more.
  • More race sharing options, in a more fun way showing your time, pace (running speed) and course.
  • Comparing and competing with your friends just got more fun; d to use hashtags within the app.
  • In theory, you can leave your iPhone at home and run with Apple Watch only. I will only really believe it after testing a few times, but considering that the difference between running with iPhone and without it after being calibrated is not huge, I think it is even possible. If the "Apple Watch 2" really comes with GPS (something practically right), to be really cool!

Among the customized plans, you can choose three options:

  1. Beginner: for those who want to start running.
  2. Performance: for those who already run and want to improve their pace or distance.
  3. For a specific event: who wants, for example, to train for a marathon.

In this new version, if you do not run on any of the recommended days, the plan will readjust, which is good for those who have unforeseen circumstances and are unable to follow the strict spreadsheet. Although it is always good / recommended to follow, I set up a plan for myself thinking about the marathon I will do in January and, apparently, the spreadsheet makes a lot of sense based on what I have seen in the training sessions I do with the help of professionals from the area.

Access to information was faster to start a workout; created a ?pass? for you to put on the Wallet app and make check in at Nike training centers. There are some company events in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but I still don't know if they are already prepared for this integration.

Remember that you can monitor runs outside (billboard; on the street, in parks, etc.) or indoors (gym mats, for example). It is also possible to include a run manually if you have done one without monitoring the app and know the distance traveled / time.

From yesterday (8/22) to today, a new update has come out, as users complained that the number of kilometers run with a certain tennis resource that many runners use to know when to retire a tennis shoe has disappeared; Nike quickly tried to get it back.

The application still has some bugs and instabilities, but everything should be fixed in the next few days. Even more with the visibility that Nike obtained post-Olympics, with a large number of sponsored people going up to the podium, there must be a lot of excited people using the new app!

Now I need to test it in practice. I'll put on my sneakers and see how accurate this new app is. The old man used to beat very close to the events that I run 10km, 21km and 42km. Do you use the app? Did you like the update? My user at Nike Running Nike + Run Club MDuarteC. Add me there and we'll compete in a healthy way! ? ?