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New MacBooks Pro have a surprise up their sleeve: super-powerful USB ports!

Someone still remembers the controversy "USBgate"? Hehe, she wasn?t known by that name, but she earned a little bit of #mimimi when some users discovered that it wasn?t possible to recharge an iPad by connecting it to a common USB port, like many present on old Macs and PCs. Because of the battery powerful, the tablet needs a port high-powered to recharge at a non-glacial pace. This is valid even for the iPhone: its battery fills up faster if you use the wall charger.

Superpowered USB ports

Now, a positive surprise discovered by 9 to 5 Mac: Apple has put even more into the USB ports of the new MacBooks Pro, so that a gadget can recharge almost as quickly as when plugged into an outlet. This is clear when we compare the extra operating current on an old MacBook Pro with the one available on a new one: only 500mAh versus 1,600mAh (!).

I thought that this kind of benefit (more current for faster recharges) would only be possible with the use of a Thunderbolt connector, but apparently Apple is not willing to wait and wanted to put that right into the good old USB ports.