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New Apple Music playlists, for you to discover music, are already working on iOS 10 / macOS Sierra

Gradually Apple is putting order in the house for the launch of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, which will happen soon. Just yesterday, for example, two resources from the Apple Music that were asleep started to work for those who are testing the beta versions of the operating systems: o My New Music Mix it's the My Favorite Mix.

Images: Lucas Leite

Both playlists with human curation work in a similar way: the My New Music Mix has 25 tracks that are selected every Friday based on the musical taste of each user. The idea is to allow people to discover new artists and music from the broad catalog of the streaming something very similar to the Discoveries of the Week (Discover Weekly), from Spotify. J o My Favorite Mix rescues, on Wednesdays, some of his favorite songs from related tracks.

Apple Music users can subscribe to both playlists via the For You tab (For You), with the option of automatically downloading music when it becomes available.

(via AppleInsider)