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New Apple commercials highlight accessibility features of their products with real stories [atualizado 2x]

Just like it did last year, Apple decided to celebrate the World Awareness Day Accessibility which takes place tomorrow (5/18) posting seven videos on your YouTube channel.

Titles "Designed for" (something like ?Created for?), each video shows the reality of a person with special needs using Apple products in their daily lives. Check out:

Created for Carlos V.

Carlos the lead singer, drummer and press officer of the heavy metal band Distarctica. When using VoiceOver, with Screen Curtain on the iPhone, he can call a car, take a photo and publicize his band's release album keeping the screen completely black.

Check out the new album by the band Distartica, In Flames We Rise, on iTunes:

Learn more about VoiceOver:

Created for Shane R.

Shane, director of a choir and a school band. She wears Made for iPhone hearing aids in the classroom to be able to hear every note.

Learn more about Made for iPhone hearing aids:

Download the Essential Elements app from the App Store:

Created for Todd. S.

Todd is the CEO of a technology consulting firm and a prominent member of the quadriplegics community. With Siri, Assistive Control and the Home app, he can unlock the front door, adjust the house lights and put a playlist to touch.

Learn more about Siri:

Learn more about products used in HomeKit:

Created for Ian M.

Ian loves to be outdoors and watch birds. With Siri on the iPhone, he can play a bird's song or chat with a friend via FaceTime. With Assistive Control, he can perfectly capture a photo of a waterfall.

Learn more about Assistive Control:

Download the iBird app on the App Store:

Created for Meera P.

Meera is a teenager who loves football and jokes. She uses TouchChat on the iPad to chat with friends and family, and make a joke every now and then.

Download TouchChat from the App Store:

Created for Patrick L.

Patrick DJ is a producer with a passion for music and good food. With VoiceOver, he has the freedom to express himself in his studio with Logic Pro X and in the kitchen with the TapTapSee app.

Listen to Patrick's radio show on ChrisMix Radio:

Learn more about VoiceOver:

Download Logic Pro X from the App Store:

Download the TapTapSee app from the App Store:

Created for Andrea D.

Andrea nursing student and community activist with special needs. She uses Apple Watch to record specific exercises for wheelchair users and share their winnings with friends.

Learn more about Accessibility on Apple Watch:

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As we can see, both the titles and the video signatures carry the words "Designed for" and the name of the person in the case of signatures, we still have ?Designed for everyone?, which means that the products were developed with everyone in mind, including those that require extra attention when using the devices. ??????

Very well done and inspiring commercials! #cried ?

Update by Rafael Fischmann 05/17/2017 s 13:43

Apple posted a second version of the same seven videos above on its channel, but with audio descriptions (very cool!). For those who want to check, everyone is in this playlist Special.

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann 05/18/2017 s 08:44

The seven videos have also now been posted, in Portuguese, on the Brazilian Apple channel on YouTube. We put them in place of the videos in English, above. ?