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New 24nm flash memories from Toshiba could give rise to iPhones with 64GB of storage

Toshiba yesterday announced an important update to its line of NAND flash memories, thanks to a new 24 nanometer manufacturing process created by the company. In addition to making it possible to reduce the dimensions of the chips supplied to electronic device manufacturers, the new capacity options are twice as large as the existing offerings.

With a single chip, it is now possible to deploy up to 64GB of storage on handsets, something that Apple will be able to use in the next generation of the iPhone and, who knows, in new iPod touch devices that could reach 128GB. The modules are based on the new SmartNAND technology, created by Toshiba to offer your memories an integrated controller with error correction and greater efficiency in reading / writing files.

With that, manufacturers will be able to reduce costs and simplify the hardware of their gadgets in the future, making them both more reliable and less tolerant to storage-related failures. The availability of the first volumes of flash memory with SmartNAND technology is scheduled for the third quarter, within the timeline for the launch of the iPhone 5 before the end of 2011.

(via Electronist)