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MacBook Air becomes one of Apple's biggest sales successes in a short time

In October last year, Apple launched a new generation of MacBook Air with several new features, inspired by the hardware of the iPad. Users were very attracted by the efficiency and battery autonomy announced by the company, which sold 420 thousand units of the new ultraportable until the end of December.

Front and closed MacBook Air

With the new product, Apple sold three times more ultraportables than in the third quarter of 2010 and in late 2009, making the new MacBook Air one of the company's biggest sales successes in a short time. According to the J.P. Morgan, the notebook has everything to generate US $ 2.2 billion a year in revenue for Ma, which would represent 15% of its total collected with notebooks; from 2008 to date, this number never exceeded the 5% margin.

Demand for the MacBook Air appears to be as strong as interest in the newly launched iPad 2, with rumors that the laptop is also being produced twice to ensure the delivery of units on time. Its entry-level 11-inch model, one of Apple's cheapest MacBooks, sold for $ 1,000 in the United States.

(via AppleInsider)