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Limited time promotion: 16GB iPhone 5s for R $ 1,199 in cash!

I know, I know the iPhone 5s was discontinued by Apple some time ago, but it is undeniable that we are still talking about a very good cell phone with a size (4 inch screen) that pleases many people. The iPhone SE is a hell of a smartphone, but it costs from R $ 2,249.10, which is not so inviting a price like that. what comes in Dawn Offer of today's Fast Shop!

iPhone 5s space gray back

At Fast, the 16GB iPhone 5s space gray is coming out today for just R $ 1,199.00 view (the price only appears when you choose the option to pay by bank slip, good to note). If you prefer to pay by credit card, it costs R $ 1,232.80 in cash or in 6x of R $ 221.49, totaling R $ 1,328.84.

No ?change?, of course. But analyzing the prices of iPhones in fact for good smartphones in general, since Apple is not alone in this, we are talking about a very interesting value. O Mother's Day Good opportunity is coming for you to join your brothers and give a gift. ?