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Lightning rain: Sonnet Tech and Matrox announce products with Thunderbolt ports

The new MacBooks Pro, compatible with Thunderbolt technology for high-speed data transmission, will soon become much more interesting for heavy-users: two companies have announced new product lines compatible with this standard, and they look fantastic.

Fusion D800TBR5 - Sonnet TechOne is Matrox, which will bring the MXO2 family with seven high-performance accessories starting at $ 650. In addition, it will also make adapters available on the market to be able to use MXO products with Thunderbolt ports.

Another that announced plans to enter this market was Sonnet Technologies, with a complete line of products, including a portable system with two SSDs, a RAID 5 drive with four disks and a professional video editing system with eight RAID drives (image to the right). side), in addition to Echo Express, Allegro and Presto adapters.

All of these products are expected to be announced during the NAB Show 2011, which takes place in Las Vegas until the 14th period during which the new Final Cut Pro is expected to be unveiled, except in a SuperMeet keynote.

(via 9 to 5 Mac, MacNews)