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Lightning evolution of the iPad 2 shows the obvious: Apple may have hurt other tablet makers

I believe that there is no better way to highlight the control that Apple has in the electronics market than by drawing a timeline on the launch of the iPad 2. We have had an idea for months that it would be launched earlier this year, but its The announcement was only made by Ma exactly 36 days ago, on March 2. Nine days later, she started selling it in the United States; three days later, the tablet was almost sold out in the country and, almost two weeks ago, another 25 countries received it.

PlayBook - Research In Motion

Has anyone ever found a BlackBerry PlayBook around?

Well, now compare that with the fateful experience of other companies that hoped to compete with the first generation iPad. Motorola took months to launch its XOOM tablet, and unless someone at Deutsche Bank got it wrong, it only managed to sell 100,000 units. Meanwhile, HP, Samsung and Research In Motion announced similar products a long time ago, but none of them have seen a light outside the factories so far.

Looking at the way Apple became the center of attention in such a short time, it is not surprising to see vehicles like the DigiTimes claiming she managed to run over many competitors. RIM, for example, is expected to delay the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook by one month, due to a lack of options for the purchase of touch screens that appear to have been taken over by the billionaire contracts signed by Steve Jobs' gang.

When many wondered what Apple intended to do with tens of billions of dollars in cash, no one expected anything like this: the Cupertino giant can pay much more than the rest to get what it needs to build its products and still can do it in advance. Such factors are making the success of its competitors no longer linked to the software running on the perfect products or not, both Android 3.0 and HP webOS and RIM QNX did well in the demonstrations I had the chance to see, transforming time waiting in a critical factor for these companies.

(via AppleInsider)