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Lars Ulrich, from Metallica, will present a program on Beats 1 radio; Apple Music can guarantee exclusive content for Prince

The platform war streaming reduced to two unforgiving hairs, Apple Music and Spotify it is in full swing and, for now, the Swedes have the lead (at least in the infallible metric of the number of users, that is). However, it cannot be denied that Tim Cook's competitor and his gang have attracted strong names for their field; two news reports today confirm this theory with two true legends of the music world who are, in very different ways, finding Cupertino's path.

Very excited to tell you that I will be the anchor of my own show, #ItsElectric, on @ Beats1 starting this Sunday!

The big announcement of the day that Lars Ulrich, drummer and co-founder of Metallica, will present a weekly program on the radio Beats 1. The attraction, called "It?s Electric!" (in reference to a song from the band itself), it is being described as ?without filters, without script and totally undefined? that is, we will probably see the musician tell interesting career stories, share some thoughts and talk with special guests, besides, of course , to play a lot of music.

According to himself:

We will go all over the world and we will present international bands to an international audience. I'm going to play a lot of good music basically from bands you don't know; many bands that I myself was introduced to recently. We do not believe in barriers, and we are open to everything. I will receive some guests over the phone, and they are promising me that I will be able to do this program every week.

The first episode of "It?s Electric!" go on air this Sunday, May 7, at 7 pm at the time of Braslia, and have as a special guest Iggy Pop, from the Stooges. On Monday (8/5) a second program will be presented from the beginning, its frequency will become weekly. Promise!

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The other big name in music recently linked to Apple Music is a musician who left millions of fans when he died last year. I'm talking about Prince, the talented multi-instrumentalist musician who created masterpieces like the album Purple Rain.


Apparently, Prince's heirs are planning to launch an indie concert film, composed of rare images from a concert held in 1983 in Minneapolis, where the musician played for the first time several of his classics and a documentary depicting his production. show and also presenting the artist's content.

According to the Billboard, Apple is a favorite among other competitors, such as Spotify itself to secure the exclusive rights to these productions; as expected, Ma will make a big splash on Apple Music if negotiations are concluded. Not least: Prince's fan base is gigantic, and the demand for new material from the musician increased significantly after his death (which always happens).

Who will win this battle?

(via AppleInsider, 9to5Mac)