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“IPad-killer”: Deutsche Bank estimates that 100,000 Motorola XOOMs have already been sold

Motorola XOOM TabletIn an estimate made by Deustche Bank based on the number of users with Android 3.0 ?Honeycomb?, the Motorola tablet had a performance unbelievable on the market: 100,000 units have already been sold. One hundred thousand, that is, a thousand times the number of apps (somehow) optimized for it.

This performance amazing probably due to three main factors: the possibility to run content using the Flash Player (which was not available at launch and, even today, still suffers to display high definition video), 4G connectivity (which is only available after the user send your tablet to Motorola to install the necessary hardware) and the existence of the iPad 2 (thinner and lighter, available for a lower entry price and simply much more beautiful and functional).

Chris Whitmore, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, warned potential iPad competitors, in a note released yesterday, that it is better to ?win in price (which implies negative profit margins) and / or offer a superior experience?. In the case of XOOM, neither colon was followed. In the meantime, Apple must have sold twenty times more tablets and may, after all, earn more with Smart Covers than Motorola will earn with XOOMs.

(via AppleInsider)