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Intel launches third generation of its 320 SSD line

Earlier this month, Intel launched new 510 Series solid state drives; today was her day to announce the arrival of the third generation of 320 Series SSDs.

Intel SSD 320 Series

In order to replace the current X25-M SSDs, the new drives are based on 25nm NAND flash memories, running under 3Gbps SATA connections. They will be placed on the market in a variety of capacities: 40GB (US $ 90), 80GB (US $ 160), 120GB (US $ 210), 160GB (US $ 290), 300GB (US $ 530) and up to 600GB (US $ 1,070) for purchases in quantity by OEMs, but on average 30% less than before.

According to Intel, the new SSDs 320 all 2.5 inches are more reliable than the previous ones, offering layers of redundancy for data protection and 128-bit AES encryption.

The following video shows two PCs side by side, but it gives a good idea of ??what these SSDs are capable of:

Numerically speaking, SSDs 320 reach 220Mbps for recording (double the performance of predecessors) and 270Mbps for reading. Not bad.

(via Macworld)