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Intego discovers updated version of malware for Mac OS X with access to FaceTime / iSight cameras

The threat discovered by Sophos and later investigated by Intego at the end of February was quite insignificant until then, but companies continued to keep an eye on it and, based on what was found this week, the remote access program (RAT) found more than one ms appears to be a tool in constant evolution. According to Intego, an updated edition of it can be classified as a new variant (OSX / BlackHoleRAT.B), highlighting new features to attack vulnerable machines.

Trojan BlackHole RAT - Sophos

In addition toTrojans, the program is able to access resources from users' machines (such as their FaceTime / iSight camera) and send information to internet servers. For the system, however, the application can be masked as any process running in the background.

Perhaps the types of data that hackers are able to obtain through Apple computers pose a risk, but it is still easy to ignore because there is no mass distribution of malware based on this type of tool. Intego found it in a kind of crack for Adobe Creative Suite programs, but the reach of their distribution is minimal.