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Inspired by Apple, Sony opens its first store without the name “Style”

Many of you have probably already visited the Sony Style stores that exist in some Brazilian cities: they are shopping spaces that offer the owners of products of the Japanese company a little of the services that exist in Apple stores, but without necessarily following them to the letter. Incidentally, their design remained solid for a long time, but has changed dramatically today, with the opening of the first Sony Store in the North American city of Los Angeles.

In addition to removing the name ?Style? from the space, Sony gave it a broader style inspired by Apple Retail Stores, allowing its customers more freedom to check out products that are not limited to notebooks, obviously. As in the official points of sale of Ma, the space will have an extensive program of events (including musicals) and already has a service desk to offer various services to users.

The new Sony Store was designed based on the company's experiments with new store styles in Japan, forming a refurbished point of sale model that will be targeted to more locations this year. There is no precise information about what will happen with the current Sony Style: in the United States, 11 of them have already closed, but the company has promised to replace their current layout with the look of their new attraction in the places where the task is considered possible.