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In the pursuit of Apple and Sony, Nintendo again rules out entry into the cellphone market

Nintendo is not in a good position in the gaming market to justify its continuation in the same strategy as dedicated consoles, but despite rumors, a company executive said again last week that it is not interested in competing with a cell phone . Last week, it sold the new mobile console 3DS, dedicated to mobile entertainment and very innovative, being able to display 3D content that dispenses with the glasses that we are used to in theaters.

Launch of 3DSLaunch of 3DS: console was better than its predecessors at the beginning of sales

For the president of Nintendo in the United States, being one more in the infernal cell phone market does not offer you any competitive advantage. "Phones are not entertainment devices," he said, claiming that, in order not to dump part of their earnings into the operators' vault, the prices of devices and games would increase even more, it is believed that this was the reason the 3DS was launched with Wi-Fi only, which can be used for downloading or streaming of movies via Netflix.

According to the CNN, the launch of 3DS in the United States was for Nintendo a success far greater than the beginning of sales of its predecessors, especially due to its impact on children. The wait for the device also hurt the company's sales last Christmas, however, even with the strong demand from the beginning, critics still turn their nose at the price of the titles (US $ 40, on average), due to the custom with the low launches cost and lower proportions for iOS.

Such factors may still make Nintendo consider the mobile phone market in the future, but with a certain risk of failure in the face of Apple's dominance in entertainment for the sector. There are those who say that the creator of the 3DS is waiting for Sony's results in the new segment, which will help you determine if it is really worth it.