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In the isolation of the Space Station, astronauts also feel the effects of COVID-19

It is normal for astronauts at the Space Station to share photographs, messages and information about the activity at the orbital station, especially for scientific research, but in the past week it has also been the COVID-19 pandemic that dominates the messages shared on Twitter.

Seen from space, it seems that nothing has changed on Earth, and the distance does not allow us to realize that the streets are empty, and that people are confined at home across Europe and already in many other countries around the world.

Jessica Meir, one of the astronauts on the ISS, even remembers that seen from space it is easy to realize that we are all together

Among the tasks that this week the astronauts had to perform, and that were focused on the effect of the presence in zero gravity on the heart, on the genetics, on the eocular cranial pressure, there was time for Andrew Morgan to record a message about COVID-19 that he talked about the family and the entire NASA team.

NASA has already closed some of the services due to the COVID-19 pandemic but maintains support for vital functions. There is a team of astronauts who are in the final training phase to leave for the Space Station on April 9, and for now there are no indications that it could be postponed. This time the team has a NASA astronaut, Chris Cassidy, and two Russians from Roscosmos, Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner.

See some of the images that astronauts have shared in recent days, with photographs of Japan and northern lights captured in orbit.