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In an interview, Tim Cook announces $ 1 billion US job creation fund

Not the first time Tim Cook participate in the program "Mad Money", commanded by Jim Cramer. The CEO of Apple, incidentally, was in the stadiums of CNBC right after one of Apple's most talked about financial results in recent years, which broke the 13-year positive streak. This time, after a beautiful fiscal quarter, Cook went to talk to Cramer and informed him, first hand, something that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, will love.

Cook and Cramer in an interview

Apple will invest $ 1 billion in a fund that has the sole and exclusive purpose of giving a up in the manufacturing power of the USA. Cook said that in doing so, the idea is not only to create new jobs for the American people in the manufacture of products themselves, but also to generate an ecosystem around the factory (services that accumulate in the vicinity of such places). In other words, create a wave that grows more and more and helps the United States to fight unemployment.

Still according to Ma's CEO, many people ask him if a company's job is to create jobs. The answer? ?A company must have values ??because a company is a collective of people, and people must have values; so, in full, a company should. It is one of the things you do to give back. And how do you get back? We return working for the environment, managing the company in renewable energy, and we return by creating jobs. ?

The investment fund itself is not yet closed, but Apple is expected to announce it later this month. In addition to it, Cook also commented on the US $ 50 billion that the company ?invested? in purchasing materials from national suppliers, which intends to double the revenues from the ?Services? category by 2020, all of which he also commented on at the conference on the financial results of the company's second fiscal quarter. Apple. Something new, however, which has to do with precisely this division of Apple, was commented by the executive: the interest in television programming and original content (videos).

In Cook's words, Apple believes that the best experience for a customer is to see things when they want, the way they want, by having more additional information about what they are watching. Not just being "fed" linearly, like on TV.

Yes, we are working with original content now, we are learning, and we will see where it takes us.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

Asked about possible new products or services that would ?blow our heads off,? Cook mentioned what he has been talking about in recent interviews: that the company has been investing heavily in artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Many other topics were discussed in the interview; if you are interested in the subject, be sure to watch the full 12 minute video of the chat.

Apple MaidJessica, manager of Caff Macs at the Apple campus in Austin, Texas

In a related note, in parallel to the interview, Apple updated the page on its American website dedicated to job creation, reiterating information that generated 2,000,000 jobs in the 50 American states (80,000 of them created by Apple itself, 450,000 among the company's suppliers and 1,530,000 attributed to Ma's ecosystem).

On the website there is an interesting area where we can browse and see the jobs and apps created in the 50 states. It is worth strolling there.

(via MacRumors, AppleInsider)