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Imagination Technologies initiates a “dispute resolution process” against Apple over its graphics chips

Last month, everyone was surprised by a note posted on the Imagination Technologies, the manufacturer of graphics chips for Apple, which claimed that the Cupertino giant would stop using its technology to make its own chips.

Imagination Technologies logo

In the publication, Imagination cited that it would be difficult for Ma to pursue this idea without infringing on a company patent, but hoped an agreement would occur. What hasn't happened, at least not yet.

The chip maker, then, has now started a ?dispute resolution process? against Apple, as reported by Reuters.

Imagination has been unable to make satisfactory progress with Apple to date with regard to alternative commercial agreements for the current license and royalties.

Imagination has therefore initiated a dispute resolution process regarding the license agreement in order to reach an agreement through a more structured process. Imagination has reserved all of its rights with respect to Apple's unauthorized use of Imagination's confidential information and intellectual property.

The news that Apple would no longer use the company's chips has affected it so much that its shares have cost 70% in a single day. So, not to mention that she lost her biggest client, it's understandable that she runs after it so she won't be so harmed. However, it is curious that she is already doing this now before Apple even launches anything that is supposed to infringe patents / intellectual property.

In what seems like a last gasp, Imagination also announced that it would be selling its MIPS and Ensigma businesses in order to raise some money from it and use the resources to focus on its PowerVR graphics technologies.

(via MacRumors)