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iLounge disassembles and shows the insides of the new iPad 2 dock

When it comes to the disassembly of electronic products, no one beats iFixit. In the case of the iPad 2, it has already taken apart the Wi-Fi version of the tablet, its Smart Cover and, later, a 3G model for comparison. What was missing? The new dock, of course.

It fell to the staff of iLounge do the dirty work, curious about what they would find inside. As we have already highlighted here on the website, it is a little different from the previous one, which also had a version with attached keyboard.

IPad 2 dock

Apparently, even in an accessory of only $ 30 Apple does not pay little attention. The structure of the dock is made of a single piece of metal heavy enough to ensure that it is always ?stuck? to the surface, while its curvature supports the iPad without offering any kind of risk. They are very rigid, super difficult to open.

In terms of technical components themselves, there is not much mystery there. Some connectors and chips were found responsible for the authentication of the product and its communication with Macs / PCs for synchronization and recharging.

IPad 2 dock

The engineering of the iPad dock has made it more compact than before, but its outer plastic part is now larger, to better support the tablet's shape and weight. In other words, there is a lot of empty space inside the piece, which is nothing unusual.

Believe me: he is much heavier than he appears to be.