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How to mirror the phone screen on the PC: Guaranteed

If you want to show something you saw on a social network on your smartphone screen to several friends at the same time, you have certainly experienced a certain annoyance with the difficulty of the task.

With that in mind, we created a tutorial on how to mirror the mobile screen on the PC to any operating system, which works for both Android and iOS.

1. Using Mirroring360

The first of the options we have listed to mirror the mobile screen on the PC is Mirroring360, which has versions for smartphones with Android or iPhones, in addition to working with Windows, Mac or Chromebooks computers.

It offers the possibility to perform wireless mirroring, from your WiFi network or using AirPlay, if it is an Apple device.

The initial steps are the same, regardless of what type of computer you are using. both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection and then download the application via the link.

To share the screen from an iPad or an iPhone, open the "Control Center ? sliding from the bottom of the screen of your smartphone, click on the button ?Mirror the Screen?or in the"AirPlay" and select the computer on which you want to see the screen. Okay, now you're seeing your iOS screen on your computer.

Enable Airplay

If you do not find the"AirPlay" at"Control Center", download the Mirroring Assist app by clicking on the link and follow the steps that appear to be able to connect.

Mirroring Assist mirror the mobile screen on the PC

To share the screen from an Android device, it is necessary to download Mirroring360 Sender Basic through the link. Then, as soon as the app is opened, it will identify a device to receive the screen broadcast; just click to connect.

2. Using Screen Mirror

This is an exclusive option for those using Android. Through it, you can share the cell phone screen on the PC using your Wi-Fi network; therefore, both devices must be connected to it. It even works with Samsung smart TVs.

To get started, download the Android app from the Play Store. When opening the application for the first time, you will receive a short instructional guide on how to mirror the phone screen and have information on how to contact support.

In your browser, open the official website of the application, where you will see a QR code. On the main screen of the app, on your smartphone, click on the transmission icon and give the permissions. Then, scan the browser code using your cell phone camera.

Screen Mirror mirror the mobile screen on the PC

To finish, click"Start now". Okay, everything you do on your Android will appear in the browser where you performed this process. You can zoom in on the image, put it in full screen, take screenshots and much more.

3. Using ApowerMirror

Another excellent option for mirroring the mobile screen on the PC is ApowerMirror, which has versions for receiving the screen on Windows or Mac. It is also possible to send the screen from Android or iOS. The main downside of it is that I pay, with 14 free trial days, but it pays off by being really good at it.

To use it, it is first necessary to download the application to the computer and the smartphone through the links: Windows and Mac, Android, iOS. Install on the computer and make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

To perform mirroring from an iPhone or iPad, start by opening the application on the smartphone. Then, click the button"M" to search the computer. Select the right computer by name and click"Phone screen mirror".

ApowerMirror mirror the mobile screen on the PC

Then go to "Control Center"and activate the"AirPlay" or the?Mirror the Screen?. There, the screen of your iPhone will appear on the computer, be it Mac or Windows.

This application allows mirroring of smartphones with Android by two methods: via USB cable or via WiFi. To do over WiFi, it is necessary that both devices are connected to the same network.

Let's start by making a USB connection. After downloading the applications, enable USB debugging on your smartphone (see here for a guide on how to do this). Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable and, in the window that appears, select"Always allow this computer" and click"OK". Open the app and click"Start Now" in the notification that appears. There, the screen is mirrored.

To make this via WiFi even simpler, even though the transmission is slower. Make sure that both devices are on the same network. Open the app on your phone, click on the"Mirror" to search for the computer, select the one with a name that starts with"Apowersoft", click in"Start Now" and ready, the screen is mirrored.

And, what did you think of our tips for mirroring the cell phone screen on the PC?

Leave in the comments if you liked the options we listed in our article, if you know any better or if you have any bad experience with any of them.