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Graph of the day: how Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft and other industry giants make money

Apple, Albhabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. Five tech giants who make their fortunes in very different ways. To give you an idea, together, in 2016, they had a turnover of US $ 555 billion, generating a profit of US $ 94 billion (with Apple representing 40% and 49% of these figures respectively); if we add their market values, we get an incredible $ 2.9 trillion!

With that in mind, the Visual Captalist created a chart showing how each of these companies manages to collect figures so disconcerting. Check out:

Chart with the five largest technology companies in the world

Virtually all of Facebook and Alphabet's revenue comes from advertising (97% and 88%, respectively); j Apple has 63% of its revenue tied to the iPhone and 21% from the iPad and Mac lines.

At Amazon, 90% of the revenue generated by the sale of products and digital media, and 9% comes from Amazon Web Services; finally, Microsoft is the best distributed company of all, with a mix interesting revenue: 28% from Office, 22% from servers, 11% from Xbox, 9% from Windows, 7% from ads, 5% from the Surface line and 18% from others.

Profit margins for Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft are roughly equal (20-21%); Facebook earns the most with a 36% margin, while at the other extreme we have Amazon with only 2%.

The most interesting thing, without a doubt, will be to analyze these companies again five years from now. I am sure that a lot of things will change from now on while Apple, for example, has been betting more and more on services, Microsoft is increasingly open to its hardware line. This, of course, not to mention the amazing projects of the CEOs of Amazon and Facebook. That is, the future promises!