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Google launches Cardboard Camera app for iOS, allowing the creation of images for virtual reality devices

Through a post on its official blog, the Google today announced the launch of the application Cardboard Camera for iOS. The app, which until then was only available for Android, allows users to create 360 ??images to be viewed on virtual reality (VR) devices.

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The application works exactly as expected, almost like a pumped version of the Panorama mode of the iOS camera. Once open, it is possible to move the camera in all directions to create a 360 image of where you are, which is potentially interesting when facing a beautiful landscape. The application also captures the ambient sound of the place, so that, when reviewed, the images give the impression of transporting the user back to the place.

After the capture, it is possible to share the images and collections through links that direct the user to download the application, if it is not already installed on the device. These images are in a separate tab of the app called ?Shared with you? (?Shared with you?). The experience, of course, is much more interesting if you have a Google Cardboard to see everything as if you were there.

Cardboard Camera is available for free on the App Store.