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Get up to speed with Future Learn's free online courses

Staying longer at home has become a reality for many Portuguese due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Once you have chosen the best app to bring some peace to your mind in the midst of chaos and find a way to stay active at home, why not take the time to exercise your mind? Future Learn is a virtual school that brings together many free courses from renowned universities and specialized organizations.

Thinking of those who want to understand a little more about COVID-19, Future Learn offers a course on disease and prevention methods developed by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team.

The platform has several courses aimed at teachers who are now teaching through the internet and who need help to make their digital classes more appealing. Future Learn can be useful if you are working remotely, as there you can find courses that will help you to work as a team from a distance.

The virtual school also offers courses in several languages ??with categories ranging from the natural sciences of economics, to the humanities or the arts. To start navigating the world of online learning, the user only needs to create an account on the website and, from there, discover the course that best suits his needs.