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Gcam 7.3: how to install Google camera on any Android

Gcam is the modified app for the Pixel camera, now available for other Android devices

Do you like the quality and features of your smartphone camera? It is undeniable that this component is one that users take more into account when deciding to purchase a new device. And although many smartphones running Android have good hardware for the camera, the same cannot be said for the software.

For this reason, many Android users turn to Gcam (Google Camera), a camera application that offers all the features present in the same Pixel smartphone program from Google. In this article, we will teach you how to download and install this modified app on your smartphone.

Gcam features, the Google camera

In addition to the advanced features that Gcam already offered, such as astrophotography and portrait mode, Google recently made available version 7.3 of the app – with several new functions. Some of them are:

  • Automatic DND mode when recording a video
  • Settings interface reorganized
  • 24 FPS recording
  • Exposure controls to adjust the brightness and HDR of your photo
  • Astrophotography applied to Night Mode
  • Touch shortcuts added to the camera shutter for better photos
  • Favorite Faces functionality for the best photos
Amiibo doll being photographed using the Gcam appWith a clean interface, Gcam is a great alternative for Android users

How to download and install Gcam 7.3

The main focus of the developers with this modified version of the Pixel smartphone camera app will be able to take the program to as many Android devices as possible. However, not all smartphones can make use of it yet.

Below you can see a list of all devices that are already compatible with the application. At the moment, the main top models of companies such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and Samsung have already entered the list of devices that are shared with the Gcam application. Keep an eye because it can be modified with the entry of new smartphones:

The developer parrot043 created several versions of the Gcam 7.3 APK installation file for compatible Android smartphones. Currently, the application is in its most stable version MGC_7.3.018 and so far, the only bug in the program is that slow motion video recording is not working properly. However, parrot043 has already stated that he is working on new corrected versions of the software.

Gcam menu being displayed to the userWith a simple menu, Gcam has several options to adjust your photo

To download the Gcam 7.3 app, simply access this link with your smartphone. When downloading the APK file, make sure that your mobile phone allows the installation of software from external sources (usually this option is in the device's security settings). Then, just open the file, wait for the installation and enjoy the Gcam!

An important reminder: this file is not downloaded from the Google Play Store and, therefore, is not considered as reliable by Google. The download and use of the program must be at your own risk. However, few users have reported serious problems or bugs while running Gcam.

Gcam app info screenGcam is a modified app that offers a lot of user support

Don't worry as it won't replace or erase the original camera software on your smartphone, so you can test and compare the two and see if the new program meets your needs. However, after taking your first photo with the new app, you need to specify which folder on your smartphone system will store the images.

And then reader, do you intend to test the Gcam or would you prefer to take your photos with the standard camera app on your smartphone? Leave your opinion in the comments.