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For Brazilians: Apple Music boss says service will be charged in reais by the end of the year

Yesterday we informed you that the iBooks Store (Apple's online book store) will start charging in local currency in some countries in Europe and South America. That's right: some of our neighbors, more precisely Chile, Colombia and Peru, will pass to buy books in Chilean peso, Colombian peso and new sol respectively. For now, there is no sign that the iBooks Store or any other Apple digital content online store in Brazil (App Store and / or iTunes Store) start to charge in reais.

However, in the post we wrote about it, the reader d3bing shared an article from the site omelet that covers just that. In fact, not exactly for Apple's online stores, but for the service of streaming musical from Ma.

The story (from the beginning of February) says that Apple should implement the payment in reais in the service here in Brazil until the end of the year. Based on that, you ask me? According to them, Apple Music's own boss (Eddy Cue, senior vice president of software and internet services at Apple) confirmed the plans in an interview with Brazilian journalists in Miami (in which the omelet I was present).

We are working on it (charge in reais) and we plan to implement this year. It hasn't happened yet because of bureaucratic problems.

If Apple solves the bureaucratic problems to charge in real on Apple Music, I don't see how that would not also reach other services / online stores of the company. Thus, if Ma's plans remain unchanged, we will be able to see a general price turnaround in dollars to reais by the end of 2017.

We have already discussed a lot here on the site the pros and cons of charging in dollars / reais; with the change, prices will most likely rise a bit; on the other hand, Gift Cards (Gift Cards) may become a reality in our country, making it possible to purchase content without the need for a credit card.

So, are you hoping this will become reality or do you want things to continue as they are now (all in dollars)?