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Facebook also responds to Europe's request not to clog the internet

Facebook and Instagram will reduce the video quality of your platform. The measure aims to help European operators to manage the overhead on their networks, at a time when isolation is pushing people to the internet.

A Facebook spokesman told the press that both platforms will "temporarily decrease" the video bitrate in Europe. The idea is to lower the weight of traffic generated by these social networks, given that telecommunications companies are dealing with some bandwidth constraints, which can cause some complications for users.

"To help alleviate any potential congestion, we will temporarily lower video bitrates on Facebook and Instagram in Europe. We are committed to working with our partners to manage any bandwidth constraints during this period of greatest demand, at the same time. that we guarantee that people can stay connected through Facebook apps and services during the COVID-19 pandemic, "reads the statement.

Note that although there are more people online at the same time, users are also using video calls to keep in touch, which requires more bandwidth than other online activities, such as simply browsing a website, for example. .

It should be recalled that the European Union recently asked content distributors not to clog the internet.