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EaseUS Video Editor: get to know this video editor software!

Despite the large number of youtubers, being able to edit videos can be challenging. On the other hand, one of the best skills you can develop to have more opportunities to make money on the internet. EaseUS Video Editor is a tool that can make your life easier.

You can make extra income by editing the videos you upload to YouTube or editing professionally for entrepreneurs. If you still don't know how to do video editing, maybe it is time to test this software and start working with the most watched and searched format on the internet.

So, check out more about this video editor software in the next paragraphs and understand how it can help you create even better videos.

EaseUS Video Editor: what?

EaseUS Video Editor is a video editing program focused on helping its users create amazing video content from what they record on their cameras.

When we talk about cameras, we are not just citing conventional ones, nor smartphone cameras. You can also upload your recordings on a GoPro and even your drone to be edited on it.

Another type of content that can be edited by this video editor software is the gameplays of games recorded on your favorite computer or console.

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<h2>What are the main features of this program?</h2>
<p>Like other great editors, EaseUS Video Editor also brings a varied collection of transitions and special effects that you can include in the videos you have recorded. It also makes it possible to record a narration directly from the software, creating the audio track immediately.</p>
<p>This will facilitate the inclusion of this narration and synchronize the audio with the video, without the need to use more than one program to create a narrated content. It is also worth mentioning its various editing tools, essential in such an app. Meet some of them below:</p>
<li><strong>To trim</strong>: allows you to cut unnecessary sections;</li>
<li><strong>Rotate</strong>: allows you to rotate the video and leave it horizontal or vertical;</li>
<li><strong>zoom</strong>: approaching or removing specific points from the video;</li>
<li><strong>Mosaic</strong>: create a collage with recordings or photos;</li>
<li><strong>Import music</strong>: allows you to place audio tracks.</li>
<p>Videos edited by EaseUS Video Editor can be exported to a wide variety of formats. You can optimize them for better display both on common devices such as smartphones and televisions and for less used ones, such as DVD players.</p>
<p>It is also important to mention that the software has integration with social networks, allowing you to already export and send your works to your YouTube channel or biography on Instagram, for example.</p>
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