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Do you have a guitar and time to learn more songs? The Ultimate Guitar app can help

At a time when the amount of free time can be greater during these days, learning to play new music on the guitar can be considered one of the options for distractions. The Ultimate Guitar app claims to have the world's largest catalog of guides, chords and lyrics and, if you have the instrument out of tune, the application can also help you.

Guitar, bass and ukulele are the three instruments you can explore with this app, which integrates notes, scores and lyrics from more than 800,000 songs. So that you don't have to always be connected to the Internet, Ultimate Guitar allows you to access the guides offline, if you identify them as favorites.

Interactive guitar lessons and a "night mode" for a show are some of the options that will be available. In the premium version of the app you can also tune the instrument or print and share guides with other people.

The application is free and available for Android and iOS.