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Coronavirus: Check out the free services, including TV and streaming

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, several streaming services and TV channels will be free

Because of the pandemic of the new COVID-19 coronavirus, the WHO that the population of all countries to which the disease has already reached is quarantined. Throughout this week, the Brazilian government suggests people to stay at home and avoid crowds. In addition, employers are dismissing employees and recommend remote work from their homes to avoid contamination.

To provide an extra incentive for people to stay in their homes, many streaming services and pay TV channels are making their platforms available to any users free of charge. In this article we will list some of those services that have already adhered to this special policy during the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

In order to ensure a more comfortable home confinement and also to encourage people to respect the recommendation of public health authorities, many companies are offering free access your services courses online, in addition to movies and sries, either via streaming or channels of Pay TV.

It is worth remembering that this list can be updated as other platforms and services also make their content available free of charge.

FGV (Fundao Getlio Vargas)

FGV (Fundao Getulio Vargas) has an online platform that offers content and educational materials at no cost to any registered user. In addition, the institution is also one of the best colleges in Brazil and a great opportunity for you to learn during the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19.

And it was thinking about this period of crisis that FGV released 55 free courses on its online teaching platform. All courses have certification at the end and are a great opportunity to enrich your curriculum.


Udemy is one of the largest platforms that offer quality and certified online courses in the Brazilian market. The service released 40 courses free of charge to its users. As we don't know how long the courses were free, take advantage and redeem them for your account, as you can access them and start classes whenever you want!


Amazon Brasil is offering several titles from its literary collection for free in the Kindle. If you don't have an e-reader, don't worry, as there is a PC version of the e-book reader that allows you to access and read your books directly on your computer. Several books on sociology, education, psychology, politics, among other topics, are freely accessible.

Kindle on top of booksAmazon Brazil is making available several books in free Kindle format


O National Industrial Learning Service (SENAI) released 12 online courses with free access and a certificate. Among the courses offered free of charge, SENAI has classes in IT, Finance, Entrepreneurship, among others.

Olhar de Cinema +

All Insights, Cineclub and Live Stream videos are open to any user for 30 days. The Olhar de Cinema + courses are aimed at training audiences, training and integrating audiovisual professionals.


Kinedu is an application that offers more than 1,800 fun development activities to do with your child from 0 to 4 years old. All content of the service will be available free of charge until the 15th of April.

Notorium Play

Notorium Play is a platform that offers law courses, online congresses, classes, documentaries and short courses. Now, all content on the platform has access to free access for 30 days.

Free games

There is no shortage of options to have free fun during this quarantine period because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Among the main games that you can access on several platforms (PC / Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mobile) are totally free Hearthstone, Team Fortress 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, Dauntless, Pokmon GO, among others.

Warriors in front of a dragon in DauntlessDauntless a free online multiplayer adventure and fantasy game inspired by Monster Hunter


One of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the world, Harvard University, is offering free access to its collection of online courses. There are more than 100 courses divided into 14 areas: Arts and Design, Business and Management, Computer Science, Government, Law and Politics, among others. The best of everything? The online platform offers official certificates when completing any of the courses.


Stoodi is an online platform that offers distance learning courses. Now, the entire catalog of classes and exercise benches in the service is free for 30 days.


Is your business in need of tips or advice to improve and grow (especially in these times of global crisis)? So using the free content available in Homa's small business mentoring is your best option.


During this critical period of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Forbes released free access to some of the magazine's major editions on the Forbes Brasil Prime app. To access this free content, simply download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

SPcine Play

SPcine Play (managed by SPcine) is the only public streaming platform in the country. The service will release all content for the next 30 days to any users who access the official website of the service. SPcine has different types of content, such as broadcasts of shows, shows, talks and performances by artists.

However, SPcine's ?icing on the cake? is a variety of national products that the platform offers. This includes special programming of the Woman's Ms, with films by directors such as Tata Amaral and Helena Ignez, and a selection of works by the renowned filmmaker Andrea Tonacci as well as projects by São Paulo filmmakers celebrated as Z do Caixo and Hector Babenco.

Image of the grid of free films and productions available on SPcineSPcine is a digital platform that combines several national productions

If you were interested in checking all the exclusive content of productions that are being offered for free, just access the SPcine Play page.


Rede Globo recently announced that it will remodel its entire programming grid on its open TV channel. However, few know that the company has also released part of the contents of the Globoplay for any user, even those who are not subscribers. More than thirty children's productions are available for the next 30 days free of charge on the platform, among them Blue Building Detectives and School of Geniuses, in addition to all seasons Mesh and sries like Shippados.

Grid with several GloboPlay programsGloboPlay released some programs from its grid for free access during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

Just access the GloboPlay page to access the free content that the platform is providing.

Telecine Network

O Telecine opened the signal of its channels on cable TV to all subscribers (including channels Action, Popcorn, Touch, Cult, Premium and Fun). In addition, the company also made available the entire catalog of Telecine Play new subscribers during the quarantine period because of the pandemic. The streaming service currently has about two thousand films, which will be free for public access until the beginning of April.

Telecine network logoAll channels of the Telecine Network and Telecine Play will have free access

Access Telecine Play by clicking on here.

Disney Channels

Even though the Disney streaming service, the Disney +, has not yet arrived in the country, the The Walt Disney Company it also opened the signal for its channels in Brazil. If you subscribe to any cable TV packages, you will have until March 31 free access to the programming of children's channels Disney and Nat Geo Kids, besides ESPN, National Geographic and network channels FOX.

FOX, Disney and NatGeo network logosDisney, NatGeo and FOX channels will be free

"The Green Fog"

Interested in enjoying a little-known production by the public during this period of crisis? So check out the movie The Green Fog, by Guy Maddin that launched in 2017. With 65 minutes, the Canadian director describes his work as a free interpretation of the A Falling Body by Alfred Hitchcock, reconstructed here with all kinds of film scenes and series filmed in the region of So Francisco, the city where the classic suspense film story takes place.

Man looking at a street with cars on a green background?The Green Fog? is a unique creation that recounts the classic ?A body that falls?

The complete film is available on the director's page, on Vimeo.


THE Live is allowing free access to several channels released (the complete free program can be checked in the app Vivo Play). In addition, the company offers a two-month mobile internet bonus for active customers of postpaid and control plans, as well as for those who carry out activations and renewals of the prepaid Vivo Turbo promotion.


Taking a similar initiative to other companies, the sure it also releases paid TV channels completely free of charge and also the use of the public Wi-Fi network # NET-LIGHT-WIFI (for customers or non-subscribers).


During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Sky is releasing more than 70 channels of its programming grid for those who are already customers of the company. Among the channels with free access there are several channels of news, sports, children, movies, series, sports and others.


Between March 14th and 28th, several channels of the Hi TV access to subscribers across the country. Among them are Nick, Nick Jr, E !, AXN, A&E, Lifetime, Cinemax, Sony, Telecine, Paramount channels.

(This publication will be continuously updated)