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Company that sued Apple sometimes has patent invalidated by court

After years, it seems that they finally saw the Affinity Labs the way it deserves.

The company was responsible for several patent lawsuits over several technology companies like Amazon, AT&T and, of course, Apple. In 2009, for example, she sued Ma alleging patent infringements involving the connection between the App Store and iGadgets; in 2011, she claimed infringement of some audio reproduction technology. In addition to these, there are other disputes in the play.

Now, the Reuters confirmed that * some * of these patents were found to be invalid by an American federal court, which stated that the case had problems building the allegations. The news does not specify any of the aforementioned processes, however, states that it is related to downloading files (which may be related to the 2009 case or cover another case against Apple of which we are unaware).

Patent troll

Affinity Labs considered a patent troll, a company that has registered a series of inventions, no products released and uses these patents (most covering very generic technologies) to try to profit from lawsuits against other companies in the industry. It is funny that this type of process has ?survived? so long that, now, its arguments are considered invalid.

May the outcome serve as a lio for others patent trolls

(via Patently Apple)