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Companies work on integrating superfine solar films and screens for handsets

In the (perhaps) near future, your iPhone's own screen will serve to charge the battery during the day, thanks to solar energy. Wysips has teamed up with Corning (which makes the Gorilla Glass used on Apple's current smartphone) to work on integrating solar films into the type of glass used on the outside of handsets, in order to make them absorb energy from the Sun or common light sources and use it as electricity.

That way, any mobile device of the future can self-recharge while exposed to light. There is no way to say that this could kill the charger, but at least it can represent excellent gains in battery autonomy and less frequency of connection of your gadgets to the socket. According to LAPTOP Magazine, the film developed by Wysips in France is 100 micrometers thick, but it also has a considerable efficiency.

Preliminary tests indicate that a smartphone battery can be fully charged in six hours using solar energy. Although they do not reflect the rhythm of normal users' use (after all, no one will leave their cell phones out of their pockets all day), the new technology shows how much it is feasible to turn old Apple patents into reality, whatever comes in handy a future iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.