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Brazil loses the most expensive iPhone title in the world

O Deutsche Bank today released its annual survey entitled Mapping the Worlds Prices (something like ?Mapping World Prices?), which in practice shows us where to buy an iPhone more expensive.

Using as a base 4.7 inch iPhone with 128GB of storage space, the publication highlights that the Brazil ceased to be the most expensive country to buy Ma's cell phone in 2017, yielding its place to Turkey. For 1, the device costs about $ 1,200, followed by the $ 1,115 charged by an iPhonetupiniquim.

Ranking of the most expensive iPhone in the world

If you are on vacation in Turkey, Brazil, Russia or Greece, try to avoid Apple stores, as iPhones are 25-50% more expensive than in the USA the cheapest place to buy. Hong Kong, Malaysia and Canada only see a small tip on US prices.

Jim Reid, strategist at Deutsche Bank.

According to the publication, factors such as unstable politics in the Ottoman country and the appreciation of the dollar after Donald Trump's victory weighed in defining the first place in the ranking. In the same survey released in 2016, Brazil appeared at the top of the list, with an estimated price of US $ 1,254.

(via 9to5Mac)