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Apple will open another beautiful store – this time in Milan, Italy

Apple does not usually comment a lot on its plans to open stores, it prefers to make a buzz in the opening of the space itself, as we have seen happen with Apple Dubai. But this time, the project is so cool that the company most likely was forced to share information about the newest establishment to open in Milo, Italy, as reported by @setteBIT. With you, Apple Piazza Liberty (Freedom Square)!

Apple Piazza Liberty

Be a place full of ideas.

We are very happy to be in the center of Milo, a city that for centuries has combined creativity and innovation. In these months we will work to give you a new Praa da Liberdade: an open space for everyone to have a break, be with friends, discover new interests.

Pay attention to the image above. Do you see the store? Yes, it exists, but almost imperceptible. Thanks to an original solution, the store is hidden under the open-air amphitheater.

Apple Piazza Liberty

The entrance to the store takes place through the side passages, between two high walls of water that form a large fountain (which, according to Apple, pays homage to the Italian squares and the close ties between Milan and its canals).

Apple Piazza Liberty

The idea of ??the store is to give a new life to the square, to gain a modern amphitheater where people can sit, relax and meet friends.


Within the store itself, no mystery: in addition to the many products and accessories available for purchase, we will have everything we find in the newest meccas built by Ma. As Angela Ahrendts (retail boss) recently commented, the intention was to create a encounter and inspiration, a crossroads of technology and creativity in the center of Milo with an annual calendar full of events, ranging from children's programs to business sessions, through lectures / events with artists, designers, photographers, musicians and developers.

Apple Piazza Liberty

The store has no release date yet Apple preferred to comment only that it will open soon. Regardless, Apple's ability to excel at every store launch is incredible!

(via MacRumors)