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Apple turns Turi into its machine learning division and opens up industry jobs

It is a common practice among large technology companies to buy other smaller companies and, at least publicly, not to do much with them just to incorporate their employees and know-how without reflecting much on how the business works.

In the case, however, of Turi which was acquired by Apple at the beginning of the month. The purchase of the artificial intelligence company is already reflecting a lot within Ma itself: according to information obtained by the MacRumors, the Cupertino giant has already tried to transform startup in its own machine learning division, as well as announcing contracts for the sector.

Graph about Turi

On Apple's open vacancies page, the company announced that it is looking for data scientists and advanced Seattle-based app developers (where Turi was established and remains). These new employees will build applications as proof-of-concept for Apple products "to develop new and improved user experiences wherever possible".

Turi is the new machine learning division at Apple. We build tools that allow Apple teams to develop machine learning solutions to equip incredibly intelligent user experiences. We are looking for new and energetic members to join our AM (Machine Learning) application team to collaborate with product teams on a series of proof-of-concept projects.

It is not yet clear exactly in which areas these new employees will work, but it is not a risky guess to say that Apple products will see significant improvements in the field of artificial intelligence in the near future. Let us wait and see.