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Apple tool for schools will get good news this week [atualizado]

Teachers and people linked to educational institutions will like this new feature from Apple. This week, the company will release a major update to the service Apple School Manager, by which you can configure, deploy and manage Macs and iGadgets used in the classroom (with the Classroom app) in a quick and easy way.

The portal is gaining a new face / interface, in addition to several features requested as a Activity Manager (which serve as a central location for users to monitor and take care of most of the mass tasks) and improvements in search and filters (such as the ability to filter people by class). Apple also wants to make it easier to go back to school, allowing users to download a CSV file of managed Apple IDs (and their respective passwords) for the new school year.

Apple School Manager website

It will also be possible to add four more administrators (five in total) to the account School Manager; in addition, deleting an Apple ID is also easier in this new version of the manager.

For those who do not know the resource, it was introduced by Apple along with iOS 9.3, in March, as a solution for schools to administer devices used in classes, purchase apps and teaching materials in volume, in addition to allowing teachers and students to have accounts in the system.

Since its launch, Apple School Manager has been available in beta; however, the 9to5Mac informed that tomorrow the service will lose the test seal, when all these new features will be officially made available to the public.

Update 05/18/2017 s 13:48

Apple School Manager news is now live!

Apple School Manager has been updated with a new design and more powerful ways to help administrators manage mass activities! #IT

Apple School Manager is now integrated with PowerSchool, automating account creation for students, teachers and staff!

To learn more about the Apple School Manager and the new features of the platform, visit the company's American website, the Brazilian still needs to be updated to reflect the changes.