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Apple starts the “Today at Apple” experience in its stores, including the two Brazilian ones [atualizado: fotos!]

Officially announced a few weeks ago, the new experience ?Today at Apple? (which was not translated into ?Today at Apple? here, strangely) is being started in practice today in stores around the world.

One of the first stores to start incorporating this concept was Apple Union Square, in San Francisco (California, United States), a year ago. Recently, with the officially announced and detailed novelty, the ?Today at Apple? has already started in advance at the recently opened and beautiful Apple Dubai Mall (in the United Arab Emirates). The experience was also discussed recently in an interview with Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice president of retail.

Just now, the home page of Apple sites worldwide has already started to highlight the ?Today at Apple? including the Brazilian one, with the so-called ?Uma inspiration class?.

When accessing the ?Today at Apple?, customers must choose the store closest to their preference and then check the activities and events they can register for. H, depending on the location, workshops educational and children's, artistic / musical presentations, quick classes, meetings, round tables and even photographic tours.

Apple posted a video about the news on its channel on YouTube:

Apple today has 495 stores worldwide. Imagine the preparations that had to be made so that today they become the key to the novelty, at once

As Ahrendts explained in his interview, the idea of ??Apple ?turning its stores into real? landmarks ?in a city?. Not already.

Update 05/21/2017 s 17:46

Apple today published a series of photos from the early days of the program ?Today at Apple? Apple Union Square (in San Francisco), Apple Regent Street (London), Apple Williamsburg (New York) and Apple March Saint-Germain (Paris).

In some places, there were participation of some famous people. Check out other photos and details in this Apple Newsroom post.