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Apple shares have already recovered after posting results and once again break a record

Last Tuesday (2/5), on the day that Apple released its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2017, the $ AAPL closed at a record $ 147.47.

As we reported in the results post itself, Wall Street analysts initially did not receive the figures released by the company as well and their shares fell by nearly 2% in NASDAQ post-closing trades. On Wednesday (3/5), however, the drop at the end was much smaller; nonetheless, the $ AAPL closed down again on Thursday (4/5).

Today (Friday, 5/5), at once, Apple's shares have already recovered everything they lost and closed in a new historical record: $ 148.95, high of 1.65% in day. The nail maximum was also a record, $ 148.98.

Speaking CNBC, the billionaire Warren Buffett, from Berkshire Hathaway, was one of those that calmed the market, showing little concern about the sales numbers of iPhones that Apple presented (1% reduction in units sold, but 1% growth in revenue). According to him, it is natural that people are now waiting for the new model that should be announced in the second half.

Thus, the market value (market cap) from Apple is now in $ 776.61 billion. The $ 800 billion is just a little!