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Apple seeks engineers to test new products based on Thunderbolt technology

cone - ThunderboltAfter running out of time to launch Thunderbolt technology on the MacBook Pro in conjunction with Intel's announcement, Apple is gathering staff to run tests on more products based on the new connection interface. A job advertisement available on the company's website points to the need for a quality assurance professional, as well as firmware engineers specializing in driver development.

It is difficult to say exactly which company products are suitable for the use of Thunderbolt: the line of Macs should receive Intel technology during this and next year, but there is a lot of expectation around the arrival of the interface to iOS gadgets. However, patents already suggest that this is possible with improvements to the 30-pin connector used by the company in these devices.

In addition to working on implementing Thunderbolt on Apple products, the engineers she is looking for will also be able to develop software libraries and test applications, which are likely to be delivered to hardware partners to assist in the creation of accessories. Although the interface accepts multiple types of connections, only a few peripherals are able to take advantage of its absurd data transmission speed, depending on the specific connector.