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Apple reportedly received at least 2.4 million iPads for sale in March

The launch of the iPad 2 in 26 countries has given work to Apple, which still faces problems to meet strong demand for its new product. An estimate released today by DigiTimes indicates that the company would have received at least 2.4 million units of the tablet for sale last month, with the possibility that the number may have reached 2.6 million.

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It is likely that almost all iPads 2 ordered by Apple have already been delivered to users, which would make their launch twice as large as that of the first generation of the device, which took 28 days to reach the first million units sold. Considering that its models are still in production to temporarily serve other markets (at least as production of the iPad 2 grows), Ma would be producing between 4 and 4.5 million tablets per month.

Keeping the current pace of production, it is estimated that Apple will sell 12 million iPads 2 by the end of the second quarter.