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Apple is exchanging Smart Keyboards that have a defective connector and / or keys

Like every company, Apple occasionally announces a recall of any product or accessory. In the case of Ma, she chose to use the name "Extensive repair and exchange program" and lists all that are in effect on this page.

There are, however, some who know why they are not listed on this page, such as those covering problems with the batteries of iPhones and MacBooks (Air / Pro). This week, but one of those unlisted programs (at least so far) has started.

Smart Keyboard for Apple iPad Pro

Apple determined that some Smart Keyboards (both for the 9.7 ? and 12.9 ? iPad Pro) may have ?functional problems? during use, such as the Smart Connector that stops working at times or keys that are ?stuck? and / or do not match when pressed. Such information was found in an internal Ma document distributed to stores and Authorized Service Centers last week, according to the MacRumors.

In the document, the company informs that attending any qualified Smart Keyboard for free within a period of three years from the original date of purchase.

If you have a problem with your Smart Keyboard, go to the Apple support page (or the Apple Support app) and schedule a service at one of the company's stores or at an Apple Authorized Service Center to make the switch. It is worth mentioning that, since the information was distributed internally by Apple at the end of last week, some attendants may still be unaware of the new policy. ?